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CMS KW Design

One of the questions we’re most often asked is why we use WordPress platforms? Quite simply it’s the versatility and controls it offers to edit content and update the look of your website. With a WordPress site, a total novice with zero experience in coding can update a web page, change a theme or publish a blog.

Own Your Content

WordPress can be updated using open-source software that is available for free. Innovative developers are constantly adding to the pool of updates which allows KW Design to build fully customised sections for your site. These sections incorporate the latest features, so you can easily update and edit all of your own content through the CMS (Content Management System). It really does turn simplicity into an art form.


Boost Your Business with a Blog

Not only will the CMS enable to update all content and images on your web pages we can build you a blog to spread your message far and wide. Thanks to the fantastic usability of WordPress, you won’t require any technical expertise to publish a blog.

Google Likes WordPress

In terms of websites, WordPress sites are an SEO specialists dream. We can build WordPress sites with code that is highly-optimised for SEO which the Google bots can’t get enough of. That’s why WordPress websites tend to rank higher in search engine results.

A Truly Flexible Platform

Since its emergence as a blogging platform WordPress has grown to be one of the most widely used platforms on the net. This is principally due to its innate flexibility. eCommerce, forums, portfolio and blogging sites are a few examples of the kind of sites KW Design in Nottingham can design using this robust platform.
We possess a vast amount of experience working with and designing WordPress websites. We can provide a maintenance service so that your site remains efficient and free of any errors that inhibit a positive user experience leaving you time to create valuable content for your visitors.