Pay Per Click

  • Campaign Setup

    Improve conversion rates and maximise returns on your budget, with a professional Campaign set up by Koenig Web Design.

  • Target Driven

    Our Campaigns are set up to target the right search keys, at times when they are most used.

  • Analytical Reports

    Based on the results of Analytical Reports, we will adjust your Campaign from time to time, as required.

  • Compliments SEO

    Correctly applied, PPC compliments SEO to improve online market penetration while maximising conversions.

  • All Budgets

    A cost effective solution for every budget.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC is an effective method of online advertising. It allows us to link your ads with nominated key words and phrases. When Google matches you to a search, your listing will appear above, below or to the side of all the organic results, as shown in the adjacent graphic. There is no charge unless a viewer clicks on your ad, hence the name.

PPC Strategy

Let us take a look at your target market and prepare a PPC strategy which is much more than simply a means of advertising. Fully implemented, a good PPC strategy can offer a degree of persistence which often converts into contact.

Re Marketing

The sophistication of this system means that if a visitor comes to your site via a PPC advert, the ad will follow the visitor on the internet for a period, thus increasing the time of interest and the rate of return visits to your Website.

Full Flexibility

Stop or restart your PPC Campaign in an instant, any time. This is particularly useful when order books are full, staff are away, or you simply need a break or a holiday, no hassle. Maximise your returns by running your ads at the times of day, month or year when potential customers conduct most of their their searches. Give us a call to find out more about fine-tuning your Campaign.

PPC Rankings & Reporting

To keep your PPC Campaign running in the most efficient and effective way possible, we produce regular statistics which we review in order to determine what adjustments, if any, are needed.

Here are a few examples:

Average Position – an excellent overall indication of how an ad is performing against relevant competition. We aim to keep you in the top three so when an ad drops below this, it’s time to take action.

Click Through Rate – an indication of how effectively the ad itself is performing. This is gauged by comparing the number of times it was shown (impressions) with the number of times it was clicked. Obviously the better the ad the higher its clicks to impressions rate.

Average Cost Per Click – determined by a number of variables, this figure helps us to identify and target clicks that are both valuable and inexpensive.

Are You Ready To Be Noticed Online?

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