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PPC Advertising Nottingham

Analysing and Refining PPC

To maintain a slick and effective PPC campaign we frequently collate and analyse results to evaluate what is working and refine subsequent strategies.
Here is a snippet of some of the statistics we review:

Average Position: This provides a valuable indicator of how your campaign is performing compared to your competitors. Our mission is to keep your website firmly in the top three organic search results. If it’s in danger of slipping out of this then urgent action is needed.
Average Cost per Click: This allows us to see which clicks are costing the most and those that can provide the best ROI and target campaigns accordingly.
Click Through Rate: Fundamentally this tells us the effectiveness of an ad. It’s calculated by dividing the number of times your ad is seen, the impressions it has, by the number of times a user clicks on it. A high CTR means a strong performing ad.

Google Remarketing

You know those ads that stalk you all over the web? That’s remarketing. If you land on Nottingham Castle’s homepage via a PPC add, that add will follow you from site to site increasing the adds exposure to online consumers. The idea being that return visits to your website will soar.

PPC Planning and Strategy

After reviewing your target markets we can devise a long-term PPC strategy that frequently leads to consumers contacting you or converting.


All Budgets

We can provide a service to suit all budgets that still deliver first-class results.
Pay per Click (PPC) is a widely used online channel for advertising that our Nottingham SEO agency is remarkably effective at using. We can link your PPC campaigns with carefully selected keywords and phrases so that when these terms are searched in Google, your ad will appear usually above and sometimes to the side or below of the organic results. Once a user clicks your ad it incurs a charge.

Full Flexibility

With our flexible PPC package, you have total control. You can halt, postpone or commence your campaign at any point. You can also schedule ads so they run when your target market is most likely to be searching for your products or services.
Contact KW Design Nottingham to find out how we can fine-tune your campaign and get the most out of your PPC.

Compliments SEO

Analysing campaign data can provide further insights that can compliment your sites SEO and increase conversions.

Analytical Reports

By using campaign reporting we can refine your campaign as needed.

Campaign Setup

With a professionally designed campaign, we can help improve your conversions and run a PPC campaign that maximises your ROI.

Target Driven

Our PPC campaigns target specific keywords and phrases at the times they are most often searched.