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Mobile App Launch – Mistakes to Avoid

If you are done with the process of planning, designing and testing your app, you must be sure it is ready to launch. But is the right time to launch your shiny new app? The success of launching your brand new app can only be assured if it is well planned prior to the launch. Here are some considerations when launching your brand new app.

Don’t miss the pre-launch activities
There is a common misconception amongst app owners, that promotion starts when it is live. While it is essential to build a high performing app, marketing efforts are equally important to ensure success upon its launch in app stores. You should start promoting and advertising your app before it goes live or you may suffer a time delay after launch. An app store optimiser can help you promote your app on a variety of different channels including social platforms, ads and websites.

Don’t ignore App Store Optimisation
App Store optimisation is as essential component of app promotion as is Search Engine Optimisation for the website. Most app owners don’t feel the need for investing in App Store Optimisation but constant optimisation of keywords (with the help of the app store optimiser) can help create a strong presence for your website. Typically, organic traffic brings more than half of your traffic to your app, so why ignore such a crucial channel?

Don’t forget your audience!
You should centre your marketing plan around a few questions: Who is your app built for? Why will be using your app? Will your app be fulfilling their needs? If you don’t know what your audience wants, you won’t be able to formulate a plan!

Don’t ignore the web presence
After you have taken all steps carefully, you should focus on your web presence. If you have a website, help your users move to your app through CTA or a smart redirect banner. Content marketing and building a blog on your website as a promotion strategy will attract valuable users. In some cases it can help you double the traffic to your app.