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When is the time to switch to another hosting company?

It is obvious that every individual expects a seamless service from their hosting provider, but unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. No two hosting providers are the same and the performance can vary widely between different hosts. Poor quality can lead to slow site performance, support headaches, security issues and a lot of other hassles you don’t have time for! It can also adversely affect the quality of service you provide site visitors as well as affecting your search engine rankings. Conversely, a good quality host will reduce these burdens and strengthen your website experience. Let’s take a look at different signs that indicate it’s time to upgrade to a different web host.

Your website goes offline
Your website can go offline for a number of reasons. Sometimes traffic overloads and your host can’t handle the excess traffic. Other times a site shares a server and uses too much resource resulting in website downtime. If your site experiences these issues regularly and your visitors are unable to access your website, they may never visit again. The chances are you will lose a potential customer. If you are experiencing issues like this, it may be time to upgrade to a new, more reliable host.

You’ve had a security breach
If your host isn’t able to provide you with the level of security you need, you need to switch. Having a website hacked can be a very traumatic experience and prevention is always better than cure.

However, not all the website breaches are the fault of the host. If you don’t have good website security it is an invitation to hackers!

Has your host suspended your website?
In some certain circumstances your hosts have all the rights to take your site off the internet. For example – if your site is infected, has illegal activity or you have failed to pay your hosting bill you can experience this issue. Some hosting providers suspend accounts for exceeding your maximum bandwidth allocation and this is can be very frustrating. A good hosting provider should inform you that you are approaching the bandwidth limit and should offer you solutions before this occurs.

A slow website
Website speed has become one of the important aspects for search engine rankings. The faster websites offer a better user experience and better search engine rankings too. Hosting plays an important role for website speed so if your hosting provider isn’t able to address these issues, you need to find a reliable company that can!